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Oxygen plays a vital role in all metabolic processes. Oxygen is important to wellness and fighting off disease. In fact, cancer cells actually thrive in an oxygen-deficient environment.

Every time you inhale, oxygen is diffused into red blood cells. This oxygen infused blood circulates throughout your body into your tissues to be used for metabolic processes. Oxygen mixes with sugar inside your cells to produce energy in the mitochondria (energy factories in your cells).

Toxins can be sweated or pooped out, some toxins are oxidized out of the body (burnt up).

Restoring oxygen balance in your body is part of a program of optimal health (cellular rejuvenation and disease prevention).

Restoring oxygen balance can be accomplished by eating an alkalinizing diet of dark, leafy green veggies, and super food supplements like chlorella, spirulina, and wheat grass. Exercise to increase deep breathing. Drink enough water to flush oxygenized cell through your system.

Most of us go through our days breathing shallowly, especially when we are stressed out. One VERY EASY way to oxygenate your system is to take ten deep breaths every hour—or basically whenever you think about it.

Breathing deeply will help you think better, reduce your stress, make you more energetic and increase your chances for healthy longevity.


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Do You Need Facials?

You can have all the facials in the world, but if you don’t take care of your skin it’s not going to do much. The fundamentals of taking care of your skin are:

1. Eat only real food, including plenty of animal protein and fat

2. Use therapeutic fats like X Factor (a special butter of grass grazing cows) coconut oil, cod liver oil, borage, black current seed, and primrose

3. Explore supplements. We all need added antioxidants and other nutrients because there are 7 billion people on the planet sucking the life out of all living things, including the food that we eat

4. Sleep enough. Sleep deprivation will eventually lead to sagging and bagging

5. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of purified water every day

6. Avoid toxic exposure, including the stuff you slather on your face (is it toxic)

7. Keep your face out of the sun and/or wear chemical free sunblock every day

8. Use bioidentical hormone replacement if your hormones are tanking (basically anyone over 40)

9. Don’t smoke and avoid being around smokers

10. Quit coffee

11. Exercise regularly to sweat

12. If you’re a woman (well, er) wash off your makeup every single night before going to bed

13. Use retin-a to shrink pores

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Victims of the Food Industry, Part Two

In my last post on this subject I compared factory food to crack and painted a picture of what a “crack” (factory food) addict goes through being addicted to factory food in an abundant foodscape. In addition to having free access to the addictive substances, the crack addict doesn’t have the government on his/her side. The government literally pours money into the coffers of huge agri-businesses. READ MORE


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