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Making It Fun: Discipline, Focus, and Determination

YODEVWow, I put so much work into a new practice sheet and putting together a fabulous playlist but I didn’t go as planned. I forgot the practice sheet and the music did not get onto the Ipod in the right order. But once at the jail, I finally had a good opportunity to warm up to one of the guards who appeared to be a little skeptical about me. So that was good. I want to have a good relationship with all of the guards. Every time you go, it’s something totally left field, and today it was the prisoners were doing double wipe, which means cleaning their pods. So I couldn’t get all the women I wanted, but none of the disrupters were there from last week. There are always new women who have never done yoga, ever. I began by telling them all that it was my responsibility to keep the focus of the room and that I dipped below my standards and everyone suffered. So this week if anyone talks one time you’ll have to leave. Then I made the entire practice positive and revolving around their growth by showing how discipline and focus and determination could really be fun and rewarding. Not one person talked for 90 minutes, but there was plenty of giggling. xxx

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Each portion contains 15 grams carb

Proteins and fats do not contain carbohydrate.


One cup cottage cheese

One cup kefir

One cup milk

One cup whole yogurt


Apple 1 small

Apples (dried) 3 rings

Applesauce (unsweetened) 3⁄4 cup

Apricots 2 medium Apricots (dried) 7 halves

Avocados 1⁄2

Bananas 1⁄2 medium

Bananas (dehydrated) 1 tbs

Blackberries 3⁄4 cup

Blueberries 3⁄4 cup

Boysenberries 1 cup

Carambola (sliced) 11⁄2 cups

Cherries (with pits) 1 cup

Crabapples (sliced) 3⁄4 cup

Cranberries (unsweetened) 1 cup whole

Currants 2 tbs

Dates 2 medium

Figs (fresh) 2 medium

Figs (dried) 1 medium

Gooseberries 1 cup

Grapefruit 1⁄2 large

Grapes 15 grapes

Guavas 11⁄2 fruit

Kiwi fruit 1 large

Kumquats 5

Lemons 3 medium

Limes 2 medium

Loquats 5 large

Mangos 1⁄2 medium

Melons (cantaloupe) 1 cup (cubes)

Melons (casaba/cubed) 11⁄2 cups

Melons (honeydew) 1 cups (diced)

Mulberries 1 cup

Nectarines 1 medium

Oranges 1 medium

Papayas 1⁄2 cup

Passion fruit 3

Peaches 1 medium

Peaches (dried) 2 halves

Pears 1⁄2 large

Pears (dried) 1 half

Persimmons (native) 2 medium

Pineapple 3⁄4 cup

Plantains (cooked) 1⁄3 cup

Plums 2 fruits

Pomegranates 1⁄2 fruit

Prunes 3 prunes

Raisins (dark/golden) 2 tbs

Raspberries 1 cup

Rhubarb 7 stalks

Strawberries 11⁄2 cups

Sun-dried tomatoes 1/6 ounce

Tamarinds 15 fruits

Tangerines 2 small

Tomatoes (green and red) 1 medium

Tomatillos 1 large

Watermelon (diced) 11⁄4 cups

Starchy Veggies

Acorn squash 1⁄2 cup

Artichokes 1

Beets 1 cup

Butternut squash 2⁄3 cup

Carrots 1 cup

Corn 1⁄2 cup

Green peas 1⁄2 cup

Jerusalem artichokes 1⁄2 cup

Leeks 1 cup

Lima beans 1⁄2 cup

Lotus root 1⁄2 cup

Okra 1 cup

Parsnip 2⁄3 cup

Potato 1⁄2 medium

Rutabagas (raw) 1⁄4 large

Sweet potato or yam 1⁄2 medium

Turnips 1⁄2 cup

NOTE: All selections are cooked unless noted.


Amaranth 1⁄2 cup

Barley 1⁄2 cup

Brown rice 1⁄3 cup

Buckwheat 1⁄3 cup

Buckwheat groats 1⁄3 cup

Bulgur 1⁄3 cup

Corn grits 1⁄2 cups

Couscous farina 1⁄3 cup

Durum wheat 11⁄2 tbs

Millet 1⁄2 cup

Oats 1⁄2 cup

Polenta 1⁄2 cup

Popcorn (air popped) 3 cups

Quinoa 11⁄2 tbs

Rye 11⁄2 tbs

Semolina (whole grain) 11⁄2 tbs

Sorghum (whole grain) 11⁄2 tbs

Tapioca 11⁄2 tbs

Wheat (whole-grain) 11⁄2 tbs

Wheat bran (uncooked) 1⁄3 cup

Wheat germ 1⁄4 cup

Wild rice 1⁄2 cup

NOTE: All selections are cooked unless noted.

Whole Grain Flour and Meals

Acorn flour 1/8 cup

Almond meal 1⁄2 cup

Almond powder 1⁄2 cup

Amaranth flour 1/8 cup

Arrowroot flour scant 1/8 cup

Brown rice flour scant1/8 cup

Buckwheat flour scant 1/8 cup

Carob flour scant 1/8 cup

Corn flour scant 1/8 cup

Cornmeal scant 1/8 cup

Oat bran flour scant 1/8 cup

Peanut flour 11⁄2 oz

Pecan flour 1 ounce

Potato flour scant 1/8 cup

Rye flour 3/4 ounce

Semolina flour scant 1/8 cup

Semolina scant 1/8 cup

White all-purpose flour scant 1/8 cup

Whole wheat flour scant 1/8 cup

NOTE: Measured dry.


Adzuki beans 1⁄4 cup

Black beans 1⁄3 cup

Broadbeans (favabeans) 1⁄2 cup

Chickpeas (garbanzo) 1⁄3 cup

Cowpeas (black-eyed peas) 1⁄2 cup

Cranberry (Roman) beans 1⁄3 cup

French beans 1⁄3 cup

Great Northern beans 1⁄3 cup

Garbanzo beans 1⁄3 cup

Hyacinth beans 1⁄3 cup

Hominy 1⁄2 cup

Kidney beans 1⁄3 cup

Lentils 1⁄3cup

Lupins 1 cup

Moth beans 1⁄3 cup

Mung beans 1⁄3 cup

Mungo beans (dry) 1⁄2 cup

Navy beans 1⁄3 cup

Pigeon peas 1⁄2 cup

Pinkbeans 1⁄3cup

Pinto beans 1⁄3 cup

Pumpkin 1 cup

Split peas 1⁄3 cup

White beans 1⁄3 cup

Yellow beans 1⁄3 cup

Nuts, Nut Butters, and Seeds

Acorns 1⁄4 cup

Almonds 1⁄2 cup

Almond butter 1⁄2 cup

Almond paste 2 tbs

Amaranth seed 2 tbs

Brazil nuts (butternuts) 2⁄3 cup

Cashews 1⁄3 cup

Cashew butter 1⁄4 cup

Chinese chestnuts 1⁄4 cup

Coconut cream 1⁄2 cup

Coconut liquid 2 cups

Coconut meat 1 cup

Coconut milk 1 cup

European chestnuts 1⁄4 cup

Filberts or hazelnuts 3⁄4 cup

Ginkgo nuts 1⁄4 cup

Hickory nuts 1⁄2 cup

Japanese chestnuts 3/8 cup

Lotus seeds 3⁄4 cup

Macadamia nuts 3⁄4 cup

Peanut butter 1⁄4 cup

Peanuts 1⁄2 cup

Pecans 2⁄3 cup

Pine nuts 1⁄2 cup

Pistachio nuts 1⁄2 cup

Pumpkin and squash kernels 1⁄2 cup

Pumpkin and squash seeds 1⁄4 cup

Safflower kernels 1⁄4 cup

Sesame butter (tahini) 1⁄4 cup

Sesame seed kernels 1⁄2 cup

Sunflower seed butter 1⁄4 cup

Sunflower seed kernels 1⁄2 cup

Walnuts 1 cup

Watermelon seed kernels 12 tbs

NOTE: Nuts contain protein, fat, and carbs. All selections are raw unless otherwise noted.

Sugar (equal to 15 grams of carb)

Maple Sugar and Blackstrap Molasses: contains minerals (1 tbs)

Unrefined Honey: contains healthy enzymes and antioxidants (1 tbs)

Sucanant or Rapadura: Dehydrated cane sugar juice, which contain minerals (3 tbs)

Stevia Rebaudiana: South American herb that is two hundred times sweeter than sugar but does not trigger an insulin response or have any calories or carbs.


1 medium orange (15 grams)

Bell pepper strips with 1⁄4 cup hummus, scant 1⁄4 cup sunflower seeds (15 grams)

1 date, 1⁄2 cup whole cottage cheese (15 grams)

1⁄2 cup boysenberries with 1⁄4 cup whole cottage cheese (10 grams)

scant 1⁄4 cup cashews (10 grams)

4 tablespoons peanut butter on celery sticks (15 grams)

2 medium fresh figs with string cheese (15 grams)

1 1⁄2 cups strawberries with whipped cream made with a pinch of Stevia (15 grams)

1 medium nectarine (15 grams)

1⁄2 cup peanuts (15 grams)

2 large plums (20 grams)

1 cup kefir with a few raisins (20 grams)

2 tablespoons cashew butter on 1⁄2 small apple (20 grams)

Trail mix of 1⁄4 cup coconut meat, 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds, 1⁄4 cup almonds, 2 tablespoons pistachio nuts (20 grams)

4 cups air-popped popcorn with butter and sea salt (20 grams)

1⁄2 cup cottage cheese with two slices of papaya (20 grams)

1 small apple, sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon

Chicken breast with a small bunch of grapes

Steamed mixed veggies, with 1⁄4 potato or yam topped with Parmesan cheese

Cut up carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers and a scoop of hummus

2 medium apricots, string cheese 6 to 8 Brazil nuts

18 cashews

20 filberts or hazelnuts

12 macadamia nuts

1⁄2 avocado with a scoop of tuna salad

Cut up bell pepper and a scoop of chicken salad with 1⁄2 cup walnuts

1⁄4 cup blackberries or blueberries with 1⁄2 cup cottage cheese

1⁄2 cup boysenberries with 1⁄2 cup cottage cheese

3 tablespoons cashew butter on celery stalks

4 tablespoons almond butter on celery stalks

1 ½ cups strawberries with whipped cream and a pinch of Stevia

2 medium dates, 1 medium dried fig, or 2 medium fresh figs with string cheese

1⁄2 large grapefruit

small bunch of grapes

1 cup raw whole milk

4 tablespoons peanut butter on celery stalks

22 almonds

28 peanuts

2 tablespoons peanut butter

20 halves pecans

47 pistachio nuts

3 tablespoons pine nuts

1⁄4 cup pumpkin or squash seeds

14 walnut halves

1 medium nectarine

1 medium orange

1 cup organic plain yogurt

1⁄2 cup papaya

1 medium peach

1⁄2 large pear

2 medium plums

3 cups air-popped popcorn seasoned with melted butter and sea salt

3 prunes with your choice of cheese

1⁄2 cup raspberries with 1⁄2 cup cottage cheese or whole plain yogurt

1⁄2 cup sunflower seeds

2 tablespoons peanut or almond butter on half an apple

2 small tangerines

1 ounce raw almonds or other raw nuts (6 grams)

1/4 twice-baked potato with broccoli and mozzarella cheese (6 grams)

String cheese and small apple (15 grams)

Celery sticks filled with 2 tablespoons peanut butter (no sugar or honey added) and

1/2 cup cottage cheese (10 grams)

Celery sticks filled with cream cheese, 1/3 banana (10 grams)

1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 cup raspberries (10 grams)

Turkey roll-ups (sliced turkey wrapped around cheese slices) and 2 tablespoons

raisins (15 grams)

Tuna salad and cut-up vegetables, 1 medium nectarine (15 grams)

Raw carrots with cream-cheese/onion dip, 1/2 corn tortilla (7 1/2 grams)

Deviled eggs, 1 large orange (15 grams)

1 cup cottage cheese with avocado, flaxseeds and 1 large tomato (12 grams)

1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 medium nectarine (10 grams)

Chicken salad with 15 grapes (15 grams)

1/2 cup guacamole with carrot, bell pepper and celery sticks (6 grams)

1/3 cup hummus with carrot, bell pepper and celery sticks (15 grams)

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Interview with Nancy Deville and John Adams on Hoax Buster Blog Talk Radio

nandog    LISTEN HERE

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Electrolytes are minerals that conduct electricity in cells. We need to replenish electrolytes when we work out or suffer the consequences of accelerated aging. Electrolytes regulate nerve and muscle function, blood pH, hydration, blood pressure, and manage tissue repair.

#Electrolyte levels change when you sweat (become dehydrated).

Drinking sugary and chemicalized drinks like #Gatorade isn’t a good idea. You’re trying to be an optimal machine so why not take that discipline a little further, and not consume sugar and weird science chemicals?

Gatorade contains high fructose corn syrup even though they say it doesn’t, that sugar is the same as #HFCS. It also contains dyes, which are toxic, as well as monopotassium phosphate, which is used as fertilizer and fungicide.

Some flavors contain #bromine, also used as a flame retardant in computers and electronics.

I like to put biochemicals into my body that are used either as fuel, or as building supplies, not things that have to be detoxified in my liver and kidneys.

If you need hydration drink #coconut water, eat bananas, drink lemonade (made with organic cane sugar), add kale to your green juice as it contains high amounts of magnesium and calcium, to relax your muscles after an intense workout and rebuild bone.

I personally have to take care to replace electrolytes because I sweat a lot when I work out. There are all kinds variations of this drink, but here’s a good one:

Nancy’s sports drink, two 16-ounce servings

1 small peeled and pitted lemon
1 large green apple, quartered and seeded
1 bunch of cilantro
2 celery stalks
1 bottle of coconut water
1 heaping tablespoon organic gelatin
¼ teaspoon baking soda
Extra water

Put in #Vitamix and blend well for about 2 minutes. It comes out frothy and thick. Because of the gelatin you need to drink it immediately.

Lemons: Highest electrolyte fruit because of its calcium content
Green Apples: Potassium for electrolyte balance and to make the drink palatable (sweet)
Cilantro: A heavy metal chelator
Celery: Sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and phosphorus
Coconut water: Very high potassium
#Baking soda: Blocks the conversion of lactate into lactic acid so that you don’t hit the wall as fast.
Organic gelatin: Humans used to eat animal parts like eyeballs, sinews, and ligaments, which we don’t consume anymore, so we are not getting enough of the amino acid glycine. Glycine is essential for tissue repair and to reduce inflammation. I use #Bernard Jensen’s–PLEASE do not use #Knox, it is made from tortured animals.

100% Bovine GELATIN 14oz.

Peace, Fun, Love.

Your girlfriend in health,

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STOP CRAVINGThis time of year a lot of people are thinking about weight loss, not only the weight they gained over the holidays, but the weight they already had to lose. The marketing coming out of the multi-billion dollar diet industry is deafening. So people succumb to that noise, and use the pills, systems, products for a while, but they end up craving, bingeing, gaining even more weight, and feeling bad about themselves. I want people to know that they shouldn’t feel bad about themselves because we’ve known for 70 years since semi-starvation studies done during WWII that starving causes people to crave and binge. I talk about this study in my book Death by Supermarket. The human brain is programmed for survival so if you starve you are going to crave and binge, because the demand from your brain is irresistible. READ MORE

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