STOP CRAVINGThis time of year a lot of people are thinking about weight loss, not only the weight they gained over the holidays, but the weight they already had to lose. The marketing coming out of the multi-billion dollar diet industry is deafening. So people succumb to that noise, and use the pills, systems, products for a while, but they end up craving, bingeing, gaining even more weight, and feeling bad about themselves. I want people to know that they shouldn’t feel bad about themselves because we’ve known for 70 years since semi-starvation studies done during WWII that starving causes people to crave and binge. I talk about this study in my book Death by Supermarket. The human brain is programmed for survival so if you starve you are going to crave and binge, because the demand from your brain is irresistible. READ MORE

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Nutrient Dense, Yummy Bowel Prep For Colonoscopy

2010-08-28-9501-Edit (3)Just the thought of a colonoscopy is a major ugh, not because of the actual procedure, in which you are heavily sedated or even asleep, but because of the dreadful twenty-four hour prep the day before. READ MORE.

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Gaining Control Over Your Life Takes No Effort


 All of us have experienced feelings of loss of control in our lives. When I go to the women’s jail in downtown LA with the GOGI women to teach yoga, it chills me to the bone to see the women who have lost their liberty. We all have experienced feelings of imprisonment and loss of control at one point or another. Still, the one thing we do have control over is our thoughts. READ MORE
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Nancy Deville on “The Conversation” with Klarque Garrison

radioshow111Listen to Nancy Deville on “The Conversation” with Klarque Garrison

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kblogIn yoga, the Bandhas, energetic locks, are practiced to foster awareness and generate internal energy and heat. During practice the lifting of your pelvic floor, called mulabhanda, and the drawing up of your lower abdomen, called uddiyana bandha, also provides strength, heat, and energy. These techniques provide stability throughout your practice. READ MORE

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